Corporate Partnerships

Why Choose Us?

We know how to create a vibrant, professional sports programme, and believe deeply in the humanistic aspect in all we do. With hundreds of players who have been supported across our schools and community schemes since 2013, appealing to players from all regions of the community is not a new concept to us. 

Our vision and reputation have been sustained due the professional quality of our programs and the unshakeable belief in what we do.

Over the past 5 years, Motiv8 Sports and Fitness has helped many players reach their life goals via the supportive power of sport. Whether that goal is to make it into sports team, become healthier, or simply become a more skilled player, and enjoy the game to the maximum, we have always taken pride in helping our players.

What’s in it for you?

The way a company treats its customer base links directly to how it feels about it’s own employees. 

Allowing your staff to become “community leaders” as volunteers during their working day is a hugely significant investment in that sense of community pride a member of your team will engage with. 

We believe this will also encourage a deeper connection to and from the wider world and offers the project and organisation the perfect blend to promote the best of each other’s work. 

In a world dominated by rapid access to messages of varying forms, this kind of partnership can add value to the image and way a consumer/client will feel about an organisation. 

Regular and positive use of social media to discuss your corporate social responsibility aims, and tangible outcomes is a strong way to engage with the general public and does better for the partnership community organisation from being attached to a well-respected company. 

It’s a win for all! 

And of course, it can guide your customers to want to be associated with a company that has a commitment to social aims. 

Corporate social responsibility is a perfect way to also support your own employees think more outside the box and see their work is actually doing so much more than they realised. 

It is backing a life changing provision and that too can ensure your legacy is balanced between sustaining a successful business, and community support. 

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