Young People

Stay Young


Motiv8 sports and fitness has a strong belief in developing the human being from within via the power of sport and exercise. Our programmes offer multisport and healthy living activities for young people of all ages and are accessible to young people regardless of their social circumstances.

We aim to create welcoming and safe environments that focus on allowing participants to socialise, learn and develop through their love for sport. Our vision is about ensuring that we can give each and every participant the feeling that their visit is something to look forward to all week! For some, this will be their first steps into taking part in such programmes, and our supportive team will be on hand to support their journey and individual needs.

Above all, we aim to give each family the best experience of what sport should be at its essence – fun! Our co-founders are qualified coaches with over 15 years’ experience in the sector, and you will be hard pressed to find more excited and positive role models out there – even if we do say so ourself! 

Our Core Aims

Improving  health and fitness 

Reducing childhood obesity.

Improving  mental well-being

Improving confidence 

Guided  learning & self discovery

Volunteering & mentoring 

Engaging  with schools