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Motiv8 Sports and Fitness have a commitment to offering young people an unbroken year-round programme of high-quality sports provision. 

With that in mind, we understand the need for young people to play and socialise after school, but whilst still having access to structured healthy  activities. 

Motiv8 Sports and Fitness clubs are the perfect place for participating in multi-sport activity and are open to all abilities.

Our team deliver a mix of exercise, technical skills games and will end every session with competitive play. This specially designed format has been created to engage young people and to ensure there is a “learning through fun” aspect to each visit. 

All sessions are risk assessed, and our team are experienced in behaviour management as well as taking a professional approach to long term childhood development.

Registration is necessary for all young people to attend

We encourage parents and carers to pack healthy lunches, including fresh juices, plenty of water and fruit, and wholesome food that will keep children feeling energised for each visit.

Each programme is uniquely bespoke and we can offer a wide range of sports, as well as at times and locations that suit the participant / partner organisation. 

We also work closely with schools or community facilities to ensure the venue is appropriate for factors such as varied weather and accessibility. 

In addition Motiv8sf aim to ensure our prices are fair, competitive and above all offer value for money! 

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